Style tips for women

How to dress – a practical guide for women!

If you want to learn how to look more stylish and collected secret can be found in several key rules.

First, ask yourself how you would like people you interact with to perceive you. The clothes you wear are an extension of who you are. This should strengthen your image and become an expression of your true self. This means you don’t have to squeeze your feet into 5in stilettos, which require an hour-long foot massage at the end of the working day if you’re more comfortable flat, or wear the latest trends just because it’s how all your friends dress. Wear clothes that look like you.

Ask yourself 3 simple questions: Are you comfortable in clothes or will I constantly adjust them? Do I recognize myself in the mirror or try to be someone I’m not? Does this garment bring me joy and pleasure in wearing it? If you answer “yes” to all questions, everything is ready! If not, look for another option.

If you’re torn between style and comfort, always choose what you like best. When you’re uncomfortable or constrained by something, you can’t exude power. Continue reading Style tips for women

How to dress in style, expensive and tasteful.

There are several life hacks that will help you create an elegant image and look really cool, even if you buy things in the mass market, and do not want to steam up when choosing clothes.


A monochrome look is a single-color garment assembled in one look called a total look

This is the easiest way to look effective and stylish. The main thing is that you do not need to think about a combination of clothing elements in different colors. Try to use different textures – knitwear, cotton, linen, leather, denim, etc. Fabrics have different textures, and an image that combines such things of the same color will definitely not look boring. So you can successfully beat even things bought in the mass market: if the variegated elements of clothing look cheap, then the monochrome version will add elegance to your image. Continue reading How to dress in style, expensive and tasteful.

dress in style and taste

The main advantage of a good wardrobe is that you can always dress up quickly and look stunning.

You don’t need to come up with and evaluate fashion combinations – each thing is combined with each other by definition. Check what your basic wardrobe is missing!

Use to the maximum a limited number of convenient and versatile things and easily combine them with each other.

Every day you can create understandable and practical authphytes without spending a lot of time on it. If necessary, add bright accents and complex trends.

You can change your style every year, but the basic things will stay with you for a long time. Continue reading dress in style and taste

how to dress a woman beautifully

Tips for looking stylish in any situation.

When you prefer a classic style, pay special attention to the fact that the clothes sat on you perfectly. The size must fully match.

The stylish woman’s wardrobe will never be superfluous with the classic’s black trousers, jumper and heeled boats of the height that suits you. All items should sit on top of you perfectly. If you choose a V-neck jumper, it will advantageously accentuate the neck line and chest. By adding different accessories, you can create more and more new looks.

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I will help you put together the perfect wardrobe

Is it possible to be stylish and modern in any situation?

At the same time, do not clog the cabinet until you refuse to want to keep up with fashion and foresee everything? Of course, you can, if you approach the selection of the wardrobe wisely.

Every girl wants to look fashionable.

To fulfill this desire, it is not necessary to update the wardrobe every season, buying up a large amount of clothes. You need to create your own style and you will look flawless in any situation.


In this article, I put together the necessary items for the perfect wardrobe, including fashion trends. With these things and accessories, you’ll build your wardrobe rationally. Thus, all clothes will be combined.

So, let’s get started soon!

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every fashionista should know this

About style and fashion: what to wear, how to combine things. How to look always irresistible and attractive.

To be sure, fashion is an important part of every modern woman’s life. But it should be understood that there is something much more important. And this is something – style. Sooner or later, each beauty must come to her own unique image.

Stylists consider the ability to maintain proportionality in the image between its upper part and lower one of the important points. If the bottom of the image is simple, then it makes sense to add volume or details to its faith, if the top of the image is laconic and simple, then the bottom can be made multi-layered and bright.

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It must be in your gorderob

Sooner or later, every woman faces such a situation when, waking up in the morning, she does not want to waste time creating an interesting image, she wants to quickly dress, leave the house and feel comfortable throughout the day.

Even with a variety of clothes, you can face the problem of “nothing to wear.” It is much easier when there are not so many clothes in the wardrobe, but it helps out in any situation. It is optimal if there are things in the wardrobe that are comfortable, that do not become obsolete or succumb to minor changes that combine perfectly with each other.

It is these things that serve as the basis for a basic wardrobe. Win-win images are built on them. These things are your “second skin.” No wardrobe can be called holistic if it does not have basic things. Therefore, first of all, start with the formation of a basic wardrobe. Continue reading It must be in your gorderob

Medical cosmetics: What is it?

What are the features of medical cosmetics?

In modern times, environmental conditions have deteriorated greatly. In addition, many people, due to their work, are often stressed and, due to lack of time, eat semi-finished products. All this negatively affects the condition of the skin and hair. Therefore, medical cosmetics are in great demand these days. Moreover, it is used not only at home, but also in beauty salons, beauty rooms and medical centers.

The best online cosmetics store in Russia
The best online cosmetics store in Russia

There is a lot of debate and disagreement about medical cosmetics.

The thing is that it is no longer a common skin and hair care product, and at the same time you cannot call it a medicine. Although in many European countries this type of cosmetics has long been given the status of a drug and medical cosmetics are sold in a pharmacy. Continue reading Medical cosmetics: What is it?

Tea and everything for its use

Moderate consumption of tea has a beneficial effect on a wide variety of human organ systems, which allows us to talk about it not only as an everyday drink, but also as a preventive, and sometimes even medical remedy.

The effect of tea on a person’s mental state and performance is well known: tea acts as a means of simultaneously soothing, relieving drowsiness, increasing overall performance, relieving headache and fatigue, contributing to creative thinking. Unlike a number of other tonic agents, including coffee, cocoa or pure caffeine, tea acts for a long time, gently and does not cause negative effects on the cardiovascular system in normal doses.

Sheng Puer PA Sha Shan Tea, 2012, pancake 357 grams
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Strong tea normalizes digestion, including in severe gastrointestinal disorders.

Theotanin has a strong bactericidal effect. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of green tea in the treatment of even diseases such as dysentery and typhoid. Theotanin has a beneficial effect on gastrointestinal tone. In addition to the direct action of the active components, tea contributes to the absorption and subsequent elimination of harmful substances. Drinking tea after eating makes it easier to digest food, including “heavy” (fatty, meat).

More about Tea and everything for its use Continue reading Tea and everything for its use